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Reiki Teacher in Southampton

Reiki is an ancient form of healing therapy that balances the energy centres of your body, also known as chakras, and helps you to unblock any issues that have been holding you back. It is administered through a gentle touch, with palms on or above the body, and can reduce stress, pain and tension as well as bringing new balance to your physical and emotional health. The trained Reiki healers in Southampton at School of Light & Energy are on hand to help you – call today on 07846242291 to find out more and book a consultation.

Our services and customers

Our services are non-intrusive and designed make you feel comfortable. Our Reiki sessions require you to be fully clothed, and our experienced instructors do not touch you unnecessarily. We offer complete customer satisfaction with numerous customers reporting feeling light and relaxed after our Reiki sessions. Others have said that our treatments helped them to improve their holistic lives. Reiki can also help expectant mothers rid themselves of anxiety, and we have helped our clients in their recovery from minor physical injuries. The courses are from Reiki Level one through to Reiki Masters and then beyond. As part of each package you will receive: A reike session - so you know what you are giving out, a manual to keep for future reference, a certificate, and on going support. The classes will small and run initially from my home, with a hope to expanding in the near future. The pricing is lower at the moment until July. So if you feel you could benefit from learning the art of energy healing, then join me on the next course

Who are we?

Our Reiki masters began as pupils of this ancient discipline several years ago. Over the years, they have mastered the teachings of this holistic therapy and now are acknowledged as certified Reiki masters in their own communities. They not only have a deep understanding of the subject but are also discoverers of their true selves. Some of them act as bridges between the physical and spiritual worlds. Contact us to know more about energy medicine and spiritual guidance. Begin to heal yourself by starting your Reiki journey with us.


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